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Stories by Milton Wright

Ice Cream by the Mile

A Successful Inventor Tells How He Commercialized His New Process For Manufacturing This Frozen Delicacy

January 1, 1934 — Milton Wright

A Use for Everything

Finding A Sale for Products Which Heretofore Have Cost Money to Dispose of, Is the Newest of Professions

February 1, 1929 — Milton Wright

Robots for Salesmen

Big Business Lays the Foundation for the Age of Mechanical Distribution of Merchandise

January 1, 1929 — Joseph J. Schermack and Milton Wright

The Story of the Shade Roller

Five Factories and Two Thousand Employees Today Are Kept Busy Producing the Spring-Operated Window-Shades Which Stewart Hartshorn Patented in 1864

August 1, 1928 — Milton Wright

Farming Under Paper

Crops Will Be Bigger, Earlier, More Numerous and Produced With Less Labor When We Grow Them By the Method Now Used With Tremendous Success to Raise Pineapples In Hawaii

August 1, 1928 — Milton Wright
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Science or SciFi?

Science or SciFi?

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