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Stories by N. Tinbergen

The Evolution of Behavior in Gulls

Gulls communicate with one another by means of calls, postures and movements. Differences in the signaling behavior of various species reflect the influence of environment on gull evolution...

December 1, 1960 — N. Tinbergen

Defense by Color

It is generally assumed that the coloration of some animals is for the purpose of deceiving predators. Is this assumption true? An account of some experimental efforts to answer the question...

October 1, 1957 — N. Tinbergen

The Courtship of Animals

The elaborate patterns of behavior that precede mating in some species present a puzzling biological problem. Their function is sought through the classic interplay of theory and experiment...

November 1, 1954 — N. Tinbergen

The Curious Behavior of the Stickleback

This insignificant fish has a ceremonious sex life. To attract females the male builds a house, changes color and does a kind of dance, a ritual singularly useful to the study of instinct...

December 1, 1952 — N. Tinbergen
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