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Stories by Nathaniel P. Morris

Stopping Suicides on Campus

College is often billed as the best four years of your life, but for many students this couldn’t be further from the truth

November 30, 2016 — Nathaniel P. Morris
When Doctors Diagnose Danger

When Doctors Diagnose Danger

It might seem like a no-brainer to inform the authorities and potential victims if a patient threatens violence, but it's not that simple

September 2, 2016 — Nathaniel P. Morris

Can Psychiatry Turn Itself around?

The public is deeply skeptical about the profession—but given the problems of addiction, depression and other forms of mental illness, we need it more than ever

August 11, 2016 — Nathaniel P. Morris

Has Dr. Oz Changed His Ways?

A medical student watches the celebrity doc's show to see if he's changed his hype-heavy ways—and says the answer is no

May 3, 2016 — Nathaniel P. Morris


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