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Stories by Paul R. Heyl

Is There an Ether?

Aid for the Layman Who Attempts to Keep Abreast of the Changing Concepts of the Modern Physicist

June 1, 1930 — Paul R. Heyl

The Strangest Thing in Physics

Why Water at Its Boiling Point Weighs a Little More Than at a Freezing Temperature. Old Concepts, and Even Laws, Are Broken Down by The New Physics

June 1, 1929 — Paul R. Heyl

Wave Atoms

A Scientist Explains Further the Inwardness of the New Schrodinger Atom Concept

November 1, 1928 — Paul R. Heyl

What is an Atom?

The Newest Concept of the Atom Is Known as the "Schrodinger" Atom. What Is Its Fundamental Nature?

July 1, 1928 — Paul R. Heyl

Weighing the Earth

The Earth's Mass Is About 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Tons. How Is This Amount Actually Determined?

March 1, 1928 — Paul R. Heyl

Children of the Sun

For Heat, Light, Energy, Food, Materials and Our Very Bodies We are Indebted to the Nearest Star--the Sun

January 1, 1927 — Paul R. Heyl
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The Essential Guide to the Modern World