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Stories by Paul Wallich

Completing the Circuit

Her research on integrated circuits advanced the Internet age by years. Now she finds herself revisiting her earliest, groundbreaking work in computers, which she long kept secret because, back then, she existed as a man

December 1, 2000 — Paul Wallich

Wholesale Computation

Companies want to sell your computer¿s spare processing time. Are there buyers?

November 19, 2000 — Paul Wallich

The Orwell Awards

In recognition of efforts to trample personal liberties on the electronic frontier

June 20, 2000 — Paul Wallich

Look for the Union Label

New analysis of economic data shows that unionization could maximize productivity

August 1, 1998 — Paul Wallich

The 1996 Nobel Prizes in Science

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has again recognized four sets of researchers for their outstanding contributions. Here is a look at the work behind these achievements in chemistry, physics, medicine and economics

January 1, 1997 — John Rennie, Paul Wallich and Philip Yam

Molecular Molds

Plastic replicas mimic complex molecules

November 1, 1996 — Paul Wallich

Special Edition: Mysteries of the Mind