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Stories by Pete Monfre


Exploration Nation: Expedition Central America

Live video for mobile from UstreamIn two days I leave with a team of three middle school kids, three Special Forces veterans, four international surgeons and a motley film crew to embark on a 12 day series of scientific explorations culminating in deploying a mobile medical facility for the Rama Indians deep in the heart of Nicaragua’s Indio Maiz Biological Reserve.Follow our three kid explorers (Enzo, Emma and Haley) as they work side by side with experts to uncover the secrets of how innovation improves lives and sustains communities...

April 8, 2013 — Pete Monfre

Kids Lead Crowd-Funded Scientific Mission to Nicaragua: Science Education Is the Tide That Lifts All Boats

Enzo, Haley and Emma are ordinary kids working on an extraordinary mission. They are joining up with a team of Special Forces medics and elite, global surgeons to deliver medical aid to the Rama Indians of Nicaragua in the spring of 2013.In partnership with HumaniTV, the journey will be beamed to tens of thousands of kids around the globe by satellite as the three middle school students trek through the jungles of Central America performing research on sustainable agriculture and seeing first hand how science and innovation improves peoples’ lives.“We want to send a message to kids that science isn’t just about getting a better job and making more money,” says team captain and the creator of Exploration nation, twelve year old Enzo...

December 17, 2012 — Pete Monfre
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