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Stories by Phil Scott

Eye on the Junk

Space station noises renew worry about orbital debris

May 24, 2004 — Phil Scott

Heads on Tails

Safety investigators try to find out if composites for aircraft are strong enough

April 30, 2002 — Phil Scott

Eye Spy

Forget Monitors--NOMAD Puts Text and Graphic Right Onto the Retina

September 16, 2001 — Phil Scott


Airbus commits to building the world's biggest commercial jumbo jet

September 20, 2000 — Phil Scott


Manufacturers balk at steering and landing with engine thrust alone

June 20, 2000 — Phil Scott


A little ecology and technology could keep birds away from airplanes

September 20, 1999 — Phil Scott


With a new rocket, Arianespace hopes to stay on top of the commercial launch business

July 19, 1999 — Phil Scott
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