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Stories by Philip E. Ross

Putting Up with Self

Critics warned of bad experiments and false hope. But Denise Faustman seems to be right about a strategy to regrow insulin-making cells killed off in diabetes

November 12, 2006 — Philip E. Ross

Viral Nano Electronics

M.I.T. breeds viruses that coat themselves in selected substances, then self-assemble into such devices as liquid crystals, nanowires and electrodes

September 18, 2006 — Philip E. Ross

The Expert Mind

Studies of the mental processes of chess grandmasters have revealed clues to how people become experts in other fields as well

July 24, 2006 — Philip E. Ross

Grow Your Own

Getting a diabetic pancreas to regrow its islets

December 12, 2005 — Philip E. Ross

Jurassic Virus?

Can't clone a Tyrannosaur? Then try chicken pox

October 1, 1993 — Philip E. Ross

Living Cure

Insulin-secreting implants approach human testing

June 1, 1993 — Philip E. Ross

Compulsive Canines

Dogs that can't stop grooming provide clues to obsessions

July 1, 1992 — Philip E. Ross

Eloquent Remains

Nucleic acids and proteins trapped in ancient mummies and still more ancient bones can serve as time capsules of history. Molecular biologists are beginning to unlock their secrets.

May 1, 1992 — Philip E. Ross
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