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Stories by Philip H. Smith

Highway Freighters

A Half-Billion Dollar Industry, Furnishes Flexible Transportation for a Wide Variety of Products, Sturdy Pneumatic Tires a Vital Factor...

May 1, 1937 — Philip H. Smith

Polygamous Molybdenum

Versatile Moly . . . Industrial Newcomer . . . Important for Alloying . . . Improves Physical Properties . . . Catalyst . . . Unusual Potentialities

April 1, 1937 — Philip H. Smith

After Cars Come Trailers

Mobile Homes for Everybody, What They Offer, Designs, Construction, Booming Trailer Industry, How Long Will it Boom?

February 1, 1937 — Philip H. Smith

Broiler Factories

Eggs and Broilers in Mass Production, Thousands of Hens Indoors in Cities, Scientific Management, Controlled Food, Climate

January 1, 1937 — Philip H. Smith

The New in Heating

Heating Industry Progresses, New Systems, New Controls, Co-ordination with Air Conditioning, Radiant Heating, The Future

December 1, 1936 — Philip H. Smith

Paper Progresses

New Technique in Paper Making, Yet Tradition Persists, New Papers, New Processes, The Role of the Laboratory, Increasing Efficiency

November 1, 1936 — Philip H. Smith

Who's a Good Driver?

Opinions Differ, Tests Tell, The Human Equation Must Be Solved, Egotism Solved by Training. Privileges for Superior Drivers?

September 1, 1936 — Philip H. Smith

Conditioned Air?

What is Air Conditioning? . . . Newer Concepts . . . Present Status . . . Design Trends . . . Complex Problems of Heating, House Insulation Involved

August 1, 1936 — Philip H. Smith

Breeding Machine Brains

Machine Design Evolutionary, Basic Design Ideas, New Materials, Processes Demand New Machines, Empirical Designer Most Successful

July 1, 1936 — Philip H. Smith

Cut Weight-Cut Cost

Welding's Rapidly.... Growing Importance, Used for Production, Patching, Repairs, Saves Weight and Thus Modifies Design Practice

May 1, 1936 — Philip H. Smith

Junk To You

A Billion Dollar Industry in Scrap Metals . . . Revolving Resources Save Ore and Coal . . . The "Alloy Age" Has Introduced New Problems

April 1, 1936 — Philip H. Smith

In Case of War

Civilian Activities Demand Certain Essential Imports, War or Sanctions Would Stop Them, What They Are, Scientific Substitutes

March 1, 1936 — Philip H. Smith

Not Just Glass

Glass Age is 6000 Years, Last 20 Have Seen Most Progress, Important New Uses, Architectural, Industrial, Scientific Types of Class

December 1, 1935 — Philip H. Smith

For Better Houses

Scientific Materials, For Insulation, Durability, Permanence, Easier Application, Slow Growth Explained, What The Future Holds

September 1, 1935 — Philip H. Smith

Ready-Made Houses

Houses from Catalogs, Pre-Fabricated Steel, Pre-Cast Concrete, Several Types, More than Mere Novelty, Basic Accomplishments

August 1, 1935 — Philip H. Smith

Fight Corrosion

Copper, Much New Research, Many New Uses, Alloys, Adaptations, Hardened and Enameled, Quick Patina, Improves Iron, Steel

July 1, 1935 — Philip H. Smith

Cutting Casting Costs

Die Casting of Many Metal Products, Least Expensive, Process Improved, Replaces Other Processes, Die Design Advanced, Future...

May 1, 1935 — Philip H. Smith

Paints In Transition

Rise of the Synthetics . . . New Research, New Developments . . . Rubber Paints . . . Types for Industry, for Homes . . . An All-Purpose Finish?

April 1, 1935 — Philip H. Smith

How is it Wrapped?

Packaging Now an Industry, Amazing Growth, Follows Trend Toward Color, Originality, Modernity, Employs Much Talent, Enhances Quality or Appearance, Phenomenal Profit Increases

March 1, 1935 — Philip H. Smith
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