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Stories by R. Douglas Fields

Sex and the Secret Nerve

Could a little-known cranial nerve be the route by which human pheromones turn us on?

April 4, 2007 — R. Douglas Fields

Beyond the Neuron Doctrine

New experiments are settling a century-long debate between two camps over how neurons communicate. The surprise: both sides are right

May 31, 2006 — R. Douglas Fields

Erasing Memories

Long-term memories, particularly bad ones, could be dissolved if certain drugs are administered at just the right moment during recall

November 16, 2005 — R. Douglas Fields

Making Memories Stick

Some moments become lasting recollections while others just evaporate. The reason may involve the same processes that shape our brains to begin with

January 24, 2005 — R. Douglas Fields

The Other Half of the Brain

Mounting evidence suggests that glial cells, overlooked for half a century, may be nearly as critical to thinking and learning as neurons are

March 22, 2004 — R. Douglas Fields
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