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Stories by R. G. Skerrett

Tunneling Under Difficulties

Part of the Delaware Aqueduct Was Drilled at Great Depths, Yet Was Finished in Half the Allowed Time

November 1, 1942 — R. G. Skerrett

Under Mohile River

Vehicular Tunnel Built On Land, Floated Into Place, Shows Engineering Advances

September 1, 1940 — R. G. Skerrett

Under the Nieuwe Maas

Unique Tunnel at Rotterdam, For Vehicles, Pedestrians, Cyclists, Rectangular, Sections Built on Land, Then Floated Out and Sunk in Place

August 1, 1939 — R. G. Skerrett

More Water for Niagara

A New Weir Raises Water Level in Power Plant, Increased Plant Capacity and at the Same Time Enhanced the Spectacle of the Falls

May 1, 1939 — R. G. Skerrett

Grand Coulee Progresses

Monster Dam and Appurtenant Works Will Cost Over 376 Millions, Dimensions, Components, Progress of Work, Difficult Problems Met

December 1, 1938 — R. G. Skerrett

Fish Over a Dam

Bonneville Dam, Many Novel Features, Generates Power, Extends Inland Waterways, Greatest Fishways, Fish Can Go Upstream or Down

October 1, 1938 — R. G. Skerrett

Farms for the Everglades

Levees, Drainage Canals Permit Reclamation of Mysterious Everglades; Soil Is Black and Rich; Thousands of Acres for New Farms

June 1, 1938 — R. G. Skerrett

In, Out, Through New York

Three-Part Tunnel System, New Jersey to Long Island, Under Hudson River, Manhattan, East River, Outstanding Engineering Features

January 1, 1938 — R. G. Skerrett

Improved Shore Defenses

Permeable Jetties . . . Better Than Solid Ones . . . Trip Waves Without Stopping Them . . . When Water is Slowed Up, it Deposits Sand, Builds Beaches

April 1, 1937 — R. G. Skerrett

Underpinning Trinity

Trinity Tower Was Subsiding, Old Foundation Extended to Bedrock by Monolithic Piers Through Quicksand, Pneumatic Caissons Used

December 1, 1936 — R. G. Skerrett

An All-Belgian Canal

Albert Canal, Started 1930, Will Cost About 80,000,000, Be Completed Next Year, Gigantic Engineering Job, Economically Significant

November 1, 1936 — R. G. Skerrett

Microscopic Big Books

Books, Documents, Drawings, Newspapers on Tiny Film Read in Projector, System Saves Handling of Originals, Enlarges Libraries, Many Uses

September 1, 1936 — R. G. Skerrett

Arcs Cut Under Water

Electric Torch Rips Submerged Metals, Gases Create Working "Hollow", Oxygen Burns Metal Being Cut, Possible Welder, Many Uses

July 1, 1936 — R. G. Skerrett

A Modern Port for Bordeaux

Advance Port at Ocean for French City, Wharf Piers Unique, Built on Land, Floated, Sunk, Engineering Problems, Channel Dredge...

May 1, 1936 — R. G. Skerrett
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