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Stories by Reginald M. Cleveland

The Diesel Broadens Its Field

"Packaged Power" for Many Uses . . . A Complete Power Plant in One Unit . . . How Will Increased Fuel Demand Affect the Market Price?

April 1, 1938 — Reginald M. Cleveland

More Horses in the Air

A 50-Fold Increase in Airplane Engine Power Within 34 Years, Basic Advances, Skill II Design and Research, End Not Yet in Sight

July 1, 1937 — Reginald M. Cleveland

Air Transport Looks Aloft

Flight in the Stratosphere Offers Many Advantages, Experimental Flights being Carried Out Systematically, Huge New Planes Designed...

May 1, 1937 — Reginald M. Cleveland

Aircraft Grow Larger

Efficiency Increases With Size . . . 55-Ton Flying Boats Designed . . . 80-Ton Next . . . Promenade Deck in Wings . . . Daily Service to Europe

August 1, 1936 — Reginald M. Cleveland

And Now, The Atlantic

One of the Last Areas to be Conquered By Commercial Air Transport . . . Technical Advances Have Outrun Political and Industrial Plans

April 1, 1936 — Reginald M. Cleveland

Why Seek Air Records?

Record Flights Point the Way to Scheduled Operation, Prove Correctness of Designs, Test Equipment, Provide an Index of Performance

September 1, 1935 — Reginald M. Cleveland

Wings that Turn

Possibilities of Rotating Wing Aircraft, Vertical Rising, High-Speed, Roof-Top Landing

July 1, 1935 — Reginald M. Cleveland

Safety in the Air

More Improved Weather Service Needed, New Radio Aids Important, Weeding Out of Incompetent Pilots Held to be a Prime Necessity

May 1, 1935 — Reginald M. Cleveland

Fly High For Comfort

Approaching the Stratosphere . . . For Economy and Regularity of Operation . . . More Speed With Less Power . . . Avoiding the Bumps

April 1, 1935 — Reginald M. Cleveland

Wings Over Water

Increased Use of Water-Going Aircraft May Presage a New Era in Aerial Transportation

October 1, 1934 — Reginald M. Cleveland


American Air Transport Operators Have Built Up the Finest System of Its Kind in the World. "They Can Do Even Better if They Do Not Have to Play With Loaded Dice."

June 1, 1934 — Reginald M. Cleveland

Fly Fast--Land Slow

High Speed and Safety Are Essential to Aerial Transportation: How Both Ends Are Being Gained

June 1, 1933 — Reginald M. Cleveland

The Truth About Aviation Stocks

Basically Sound, the Aircraft Industry Has Suffered Severely From Growing Pains, But Is Now Becoming Stable

January 1, 1930 — Reginald M. Cleveland

Giant Airplanes

Plans for the Future, and Present Successful Tests, Portend a New Era in Heavier-than-Air Flying

December 1, 1929 — Reginald M. Cleveland
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