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Stories by Robert G. Skerrett

Going to Sea in a Tank

Self-Propelled Models That Make for Better Ships and Less Fuel Consumption

July 24, 1920 — Robert G. Skerrett

Navigating Ships in Trains

An Electrically-Driven Power Boat That Supplies Current to the Motor-Equipped Units of Its Convoy

March 13, 1920 — Robert G. Skerrett

Our Deepest Wells

Some of the Scientific and Practical Problems Which They May Help Us To Solve

February 28, 1920 — Robert G. Skerrett

On River and Canal

What the Government Is Doing to Bring These Waterways to the Level of Use Maintained by the Lakes

February 14, 1920 — Robert G. Skerrett

Eliminating the Lost Call

How a Simple Telephonic Novelty Cuts Out a Vast Amount of Lost Motion in Office and Factory

February 14, 1920 — Robert G. Skerrett

Again the Helicopter?

Experiments by Prominent Inventors Who Hope to Realize This Long-Standing Dream

December 13, 1919 — Robert G. Skerrett
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