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Stories by Robert H. Williams

What to Do about Coal?

What to Do about Coal?

Cheap, plentiful coal is expected to fuel power plants for the foreseeable future, but can we keep it from devastating the environment?

March 19, 2009 — David G. Hawkins, Daniel A. Lashof and Robert H. Williams

Energy from the Sun

Various forms of solar energy, including wind and biomass, offer environmentally benign ways to generate electricity and make fuels. Some technologies will be cost-competitive before the year 2000

September 1, 1990 — Carl J. Weinberg and Robert H. Williams

Beyond the Era of Materials

The industrial nations now face a historic change: economic growth is no longer accompanied by increased consumption of basic materials. The economic outlook depends on the capacity to adapt to this shift

June 1, 1986 — Eric D. Larson, Marc H. Ross and Robert H. Williams

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