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Stories by Robin Lloyd

Science bloggers gather to wrestle down myths about research and themselves

DURHAM, North Carolina­­­­—TV pundit and Washington Post columnist George Will has a history of misrepresenting climate science—and it's bloggers who typically make sure the record is set straight on such points.For instance, a 2009 Will editorial in the Washington Post asserting, among other things, that the extent of global sea ice today is the same as it was in 1979 drew particularly loud howls...

January 17, 2011 — Robin Lloyd

Antikythera mechanism: An eclipse-predicting machine made of Legos

Most of us probably aspire to build nothing more complex this year than a gingerbread house. (Tick tock.) Videographer John Pavlus spent much of 2010 writing and shooting a video about an Apple engineer, Andy Carol, who designed and built a fully functional eclipse-predicting machine, a replica of an ancient Greek device, out of 1,500 Lego Technic parts and 110 gears...

December 9, 2010 — Robin Lloyd

Rosalind Franklin and DNA: How wronged was she?

It's remarkable what can happen when James Watson isn't in the room.

The Nobel laureate, known for his brilliance as well as his large ego and small superego, was expected to participate in a panel discussion Tuesday night about the play "Photograph 51," which focuses on Rosalind Franklin and her x-ray diffraction work in the early 1950s at King's College London that contributed to discoveries of the molecular structure of DNA, first published in 1953...

November 3, 2010 — Robin Lloyd

Asteroid Collision

An extinction-level event is unlikely, but "airbursts" could flatten a city

June 1, 2010 — Robin Lloyd

12 Events That Will Change Everything

In addition to reacting to news as it breaks, we work to anticipate what will happen. Here we contemplate 12 possibilities and rate their likelihood of happening by 2050

May 19, 2010 — THE EDITORS, Charles Q. Choi, George Musser, John Matson, Philip Yam, David Biello, Michael Moyer, Larry Greenemeier, Katherine Harmon and Robin Lloyd

"First fiction reading off an iPad" kicks off enthusiastic discussion of e-books

If a discussion Monday at a Manhattan bookstore is any indication, book publishers and sellers find e-books threatening, but writers, feeling generally abused for decades by publishers, are gleeful over their newfound digital access to readers—be that via the Web, iPads, e-book readers, podcasts or cell phones...

April 6, 2010 — Robin Lloyd

Can You Learn Physics from a Comic Book?

SAN DIEGO--You won't learn much physics watching a sci-fi movie or TV show, but reading an old comic book or taking Jim Kakalios's "Physics of Superheroes" seminar at the University of Minnesota might inspire you to figure out if the Flash would consume all of Earth's oxygen if he ran at nearly the speed of light...

February 20, 2010 — Robin Lloyd
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