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Stories by Roger Revelle

Carbon Dioxide and World Climate

That the atmospheric content of carbon dioxide is increasing now seems well established. As a result some latitudes could become warmer and wetter, but the effects may not all be bad

August 1, 1982 — Roger Revelle

The Resources Available for Agriculture

The physical resources of earth, air, fire (energy) and water are large but are essentially fixed. The biological and social resources, however, are far from being pressed to the limit

September 1, 1976 — Roger Revelle

Food and Population

The earth and technology can probably provide food for a population of 40 to 50 billion. Increases infood production would help to create the conditions that would stabilize the population at a lower level...

September 1, 1974 — Roger Revelle


Men need water to drink and for many other purposes but by far the largest amount of water they have available must go to agriculture. Again the basic need in the proper utilization of water is education...

September 1, 1963 — Roger Revelle

The Trenches of the Pacific

The floor of the great ocean is incised with tremendous furrows. The bottoms of several are farther below sea level than Everest is above it. They are clues to the history of the earth's crust...

November 1, 1955 — Robert L. Fisher and Roger Revelle
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