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Stories by S. F. Aaron

Speed Awing

Traditional Speeds of Birds are Often Greatly Exaggerated, Determining Flight Speeds with a Stop-watch, The Plover Makes a Falcon Look Silly

November 1, 1937 — S. F. Aaron

The Fallacy of Fighting Flies

We Call Our Age the Age of Science, but the Insects Know it is the Age of Insects, The Hope of Exterminating These Sportsmen's Pests is Futile

September 1, 1937 — S. F. Aaron

Is Nature Kind?

Throughout Nature's Realm the Almost Universal Rule is Tooth and Fang, Whether We Like it or Not, and Most of Us Don't, Fact Versus Fancy

July 1, 1937 — S. F. Aaron

Nature Faking Again

Silly Stories and Pictures to the Contrary Notwithstanding, Quite Unthinkable, Often Laughable Nonsense Fancy Yarns

October 1, 1935 — S. F. Aaron

Classifying the Arthropod

This Sub-division of Animals That Have No Bones Makes an Interesting Subject for the Nature Student

November 1, 1926 — S. F. Aaron

Insect Parasites of Insects

The Story of How Nature Provides Against the Over Propagation of Species and of How the Larva of the Fly Feeds Upon Caterpillars and Other Insects

September 1, 1925 — S. F. Aaron
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