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Stories by Samuel Jones

Bush-crow diaries: Reflecting on Ethiopia

Having now returned and back into the busy schedule of postgraduate life and the write-up, I would be lying to say that daydreams of Ethiopia skies haven’t been regularly crossing my mind...

July 29, 2013 — Samuel Jones

Bush-crow diaries: The African night

Finding colour-marked bush-crows and then racking up hours of observations is gruelling work under a full day of the African sun, particularly now that the ‘rainy’ season has subsided.

June 19, 2013 — Samuel Jones

Bush-crow diaries: Settling in with the Borana

As time goes on and as I had expected might be the case, the Bush-crows continue to surprise and perplex me both in their character and peculiarity. This is hardly surprising, however, considering the historic and still very current confusions surrounding the species...

May 17, 2013 — Samuel Jones

Bush-crow diaries: The mystery of the Abyssinian Pie

Located in the Tropic of Cancer, Ethiopia sits as a huge corner stone in the Horn of Africa, the easternmost projection of the continent. In this, the historic land of the Berbers, Ethiopia is renowned for its independence and depth of culture, the only African nation (at the time Abyssinia) alongside Liberia to retain national sovereignty during the ‘Scramble for Africa’...

April 22, 2013 — Samuel Jones
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The Essential Guide to the Modern World