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Stories by Samyukta Mullangi

Practicing Narrative Medicine

Practicing Narrative Medicine

Since the first day of medical school, I was in breathless anticipation of my third year. I came to Harvard with a background in creative writing and the big draw of medicine for me lay in its compendium of human stories...

November 9, 2014 — Samyukta Mullangi
When Physicians Relate to Some Patients, but Not All

When Physicians Relate to Some Patients, But Not All

During a conversation the other day, a classmate of mine shook me out of my afternoon inertia by casually remarking that the most memorable patients he had encountered during his third year medical rotations were the ones who, by virtue of being young, educated, and English-speaking, reminded him of himself...

January 2, 2014 — Samyukta Mullangi

The First Pass Effect

When I was a third year at Harvard Medical School, I spent 6 weeks at one of our affiliated hospitals rotating through the Obstetrics and Gynecology department.

July 31, 2013 — Samyukta Mullangi

"All I Really Want to Do Is Sleep"

A recent article in NYTimes [1] declared that the rising rate of suicides among our baby boomer generation now made suicides, by raw numbers alone, a bigger killer than motor vehicle accidents!...

May 13, 2013 — Samyukta Mullangi

A Vignette from Psychiatry

I didn’t make it to rounds with the rest of my team because I was occupied with another one of our patients who was being assessed by the neurology consultant to be cleared to undergo electroconvulsive therapy...

April 18, 2013 — Samyukta Mullangi

The Economy of Surgery

When I was twelve, my sister and I accompanied my grandparents to their annual yoga retreat in the hilly ranges of southern India. We had never been before, but the summer heat was particularly blistering that year, so we persuaded our grandparents to take us along...

November 30, 2012 — Samyukta Mullangi

Pressing Pause in Alaska

I spent this past week in Alaska with my family, during what was the entirety of my summer vacation this year (thank you medical school). We flew into Seattle early last Saturday and boarded a cruise liner from that beautiful pine and spruce-lined coast.After only two relaxing days at sea, which involved a lot of sleeping and quiet reading, we reached the Alaskan coastline...

September 4, 2012 — Samyukta Mullangi

Step One: A Medical School Pivot Point

The morning of my Board exams, my mother packed me a lunch comprising of seedless grapes, two Greek yogurts, a cheese sandwich, a bag of pistachio nuts, two cappuccinos, a diet coke, chocolate-covered coffee beans and a pouch of pretzels.“Mum, this isn’t the Hunger Games,” I joked.“Well no duh...

April 21, 2012 — Samyukta Mullangi
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