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Stories by Sasha Nemecek

The Second Abortion Pill

Mifepristone--a.k.a. RU 486--is anticipated to boost access to abortion. Based on the history of an older pill, it might not

December 19, 2000 — Sasha Nemecek

A Taste for Science

One researcher's quest to understand how early Americans ate, and their mammoth refrigeration problem

April 21, 2000 — Sasha Nemecek

The Nobel Prizes for 1999

Explanations of the science underlying the world's most prestigious awards for physics, chemistry and physiology plus a look at the prizes for peace, won by a physicians organization, and economics...

January 21, 2000 — Carol Ezzell, Glenn Zorpette, Graham P. Collins and Sasha Nemecek


A hard-hat tour of the world's largest particle accelerator, under construction

July 19, 1999 — Sasha Nemecek


Widespread coral bleaching, even in deep waters, continues to perplex scientists

April 18, 1999 — Sasha Nemecek

Green is Good

With negotiations on climate change policy stalled, some major corporations are setting their own environmental policies

March 17, 1999 — Sasha Nemecek


The federal government targets disparities in health that result from ethnic background and economic status

January 13, 1999 — Sasha Nemecek

Forestalling Violence

American youths are suffering an epidemic of violence, both in and out of the classroom. Designing effective prevention programs is proving difficult

September 1, 1998 — Sasha Nemecek

Food for Thought

Cutbacks in the food stamp program are proving hazardous to the nation's health

August 1, 1998 — Sasha Nemecek
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