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Stories by Sasha Nemecek

The Second Abortion Pill

Mifepristone--a.k.a. RU 486--is anticipated to boost access to abortion. Based on the history of an older pill, it might not

December 1, 2000 — Sasha Nemecek

A Taste for Science

One researcher's quest to understand how early Americans ate, and their mammoth refrigeration problem

April 1, 2000 — Sasha Nemecek

Granting Immunity

Despite rising parental fears and rumors of dangers, vaccines are safer than ever

March 1, 2000 — Sasha Nemecek

The Nobel Prizes for 1999

Explanations of the science underlying the world's most prestigious awards for physics, chemistry and physiology plus a look at the prizes for peace, won by a physicians organization, and economics

January 21, 2000 — Carol Ezzell, Glenn Zorpette, Graham P. Collins and Sasha Nemecek


As the U.S. turns over the canal, Panama prepares for visitors

December 20, 1999 — Sasha Nemecek


A hard-hat tour of the world's largest particle accelerator, under construction

July 19, 1999 — Sasha Nemecek

When Good Health is Good Business

The New Head of the World Health Organization, Gro Harlem Brundtland, argues that providing good health care can boost the bottom line

June 1, 1999 — Sasha Nemecek


Widespread coral bleaching, even in deep waters, continues to perplex scientists

April 1, 1999 — Sasha Nemecek

Green is Good

With negotiations on climate change policy stalled, some major corporations are setting their own environmental policies

March 1, 1999 — Sasha Nemecek


The federal government targets disparities in health that result from ethnic background and economic status

January 1, 1999 — Sasha Nemecek

Forestalling Violence

American youths are suffering an epidemic of violence, both in and out of the classroom. Designing effective prevention programs is proving difficult

September 1, 1998 — Sasha Nemecek

Food for Thought

Cutbacks in the food stamp program are proving hazardous to the nation's health

August 1, 1998 — Sasha Nemecek
Stories by Sasha Nemecek

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