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Stories by Scott Huler

The Sciences

Stormwater Film Festival

On January 30, Plugged In’s unquenchable interest in infrastructure expressed itself in an actual tour of an infrastructure system itself. As part of ScienceOnline2013, the fabulous science/scientist/communications convention/festival/love-in held every year in my own city of Raleigh, I led a tour of the stormwater tunnels beneath the city of Raleigh.I know all about these tunnels because I splashed around in them while trying to figure out what happened to my stormwater when I was reporting my infrastructure book, On the Grid.Anyhow...

February 21, 2013 — Scott Huler

Wireless EV Charging: But It Still Won't Fit in Your Pocket

One of my first posts for Plugged In involved the electric car. Now, remember: it’s hard to get too worked up about electric cars. They’re better than gas burners, to be sure, but that’s setting the bar pretty low: electric cars are basically coal-burners that continue to enable sprawl and all its problems while being less-rotten for the planet than their oil-burning forebears.So two cheers and all that...

December 11, 2012 — Scott Huler
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