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Stories by Shara Yurkiewicz

To the next steps

To the next steps

After deep reflection, I’ve made the difficult choice not to continue “This May Hurt a Bit” as part of the Scientific American blogs network under its new direction.

December 15, 2014 — Shara Yurkiewicz
Post-operative check

Post-operative check

It's okay that you don't remember me. My name is Shara, and I'm part of the surgical team. I'm checking to see how you're doing after your surgery.

April 7, 2014 — Shara Yurkiewicz


There was a very large lesion in his left frontal lobe, and no one knew what it was. He had been admitted earlier that day, after a neighbor found him in the hallway, confused and covered in urine...

February 17, 2014 — Shara Yurkiewicz
Gut decisions

Gut decisions

On my second day of fourth year, I had to make a decision. “Mr. K would like Miralax,” read the nurse’s page.   A medical sub-internship, which a student completes in her fourth year, is designed to be an internship with training wheels...

October 1, 2013 — Shara Yurkiewicz


We met on my birthday and your age trailed mine by a week. Your past medical history bare, you let me see you sick. You let me feel the margins of your spleen, your sexual history, your confusion over why this and why you and what now and what next...

July 9, 2013 — Shara Yurkiewicz

Unkept Promises

“Your hands feel like velvet,” the 94-year-old woman told me as I pushed on her abdomen in the emergency department on a Friday night. “That’s the nicest thing anyone’s said to me all day,” I told her...

February 9, 2013 — Shara Yurkiewicz

When Patient Stories Leave the Hospital Room

There are many ways a woman reacts as she pushes out her baby. One patient couldn’t stop laughing as the baby crowned. One screamed for ten minutes (no epidural).

November 2, 2012 — Shara Yurkiewicz
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