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Stories by Steven Ashley

On the Road to Fuel-Cell Cars

Although fleets of fuel-cell prototypes are hitting the streets, basic technical and market obstacles must be hurdled before the clean, hydrogen-powered cars reach dealer showrooms

February 21, 2005 — Steven Ashley

Flying on Flexible Wings

Future aircraft may fly more like birds, adapting the geometries of their wings to best suit changing flight conditions

October 13, 2003 — Steven Ashley

Artificial Muscles

Novel motion-producing devices--actuators, motors, generators--based on polymers that change shape when stimulated electrically are nearing commercialization

September 15, 2003 — Steven Ashley

Alchemy of a Supermetal

Serendipity delivers a process that may cut the cost of a high-tech material

September 15, 2003 — Steven Ashley

Alloy by Design

Computations lead to an unusually flexible metal

June 9, 2003 — Steven Ashley

X-ray Proofing

To save himself, a physician enters the rag trade

April 14, 2003 — Steven Ashley
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