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Stories by T. Swann Harding

What About Vitamin Tablets?

What Can Science Say Today about the Desirability of Taking Supplementary Vitamins? Is it Good or Bad?

May 1, 1943 — T. Swann Harding

High Blood Pressure

Various are the Possible Causes of this Ill, but Worry and Nervous Excitement Probably are Large Factors . . . Calm Rest the Best Cure . . . Loaf, Loaf, Loaf

October 1, 1939 — T. Swann Harding

The Great American Rite

Are Tonsils Useful? What Many Doctors Think About the Too Casual and Routine Removal of Tonsils, The Public Is Partly to Blame.

July 1, 1939 — T. Swann Harding

But Can You Eat Onions?

Non-Allergic Food Sensitivities, How to Trace Down Dietary Idiosyncrasies Scientifically, A Lady Who was Suffering Mainly from Fox's Disease

June 1, 1938 — T. Swann Harding

Chemotherapy and Prontosil

Uses and Abuses of the New Drug, Valuable, but to Be Used with Caution, Theory of Chemotherapy, Hope for Other Drugs in Research on Same Theory

January 1, 1938 — T. Swann Harding

A Purgation of Purgatives

Laxative Fallacies, Most Liberally Purged People on Earth, Autointoxication, Spastic Colon, Irrigation, Let Nature Set Her Normal Pace

October 1, 1937 — T. Swann Harding

What Is Life?

The Greatest Puzzle of All Science Seems Today to Be Nearing a Solution . . . Yet, As it Breaks Up, its Parts in Turn Form Newer, Baffling Puzzles

April 1, 1937 — T. Swann Harding

The Healing Maggot

One Superstition that Turned out to be a Fact, Science Went to Work, Maggots Went Out, Allantoin Came in, Followed by Urea, Now We Understand

February 1, 1937 — T. Swann Harding

Vitamins Today

Thus Far We Have Vitamins A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,K, and Sometimes We Think There are More, Some May be Imaginary, But Forget Vitamin Worries

March 1, 1936 — T. Swann Harding

What is Scientific Proof?

The Commonest Mistake, What the Real Method of the Scientist Demands, Hard-boiled, Cold, Rigorous Logic, Two and Two are Not Nine

October 1, 1935 — T. Swann Harding

Cut the Overhead!

When Hard Times Come It Is the Logical Time to Increase, Not Cut, the Funds for Research, Research Millions Are the Seeds of Billions

September 1, 1935 — T. Swann Harding

Let Us Die Fashionably

Growing Death Rate From Cancer and Heart Disease, Is It Real or Only Apparent, Why Our Alarm May Be False, Inaccurate Reporting of Cases by Earlier Physicians, Better Reporting Today Reveals More of the True Cases...

February 1, 1935 — T. Swann Harding


How the Scientific Method is Being Applied in One Attempt to Isolate the Ultimate Cause of this Disease

July 1, 1934 — T. Swann Harding

There is Research .... and Research

How Much Real Scientific Research Lies Behind Some of the Patent Medicines, Cures, and Medicaments Sold to the Less Intelligent Fraction of the Public? Who Should Conduct Such Research?

January 1, 1934 — T. Swann Harding
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