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Stories by Tabitha M. Powledge

Time to stop fighting GMO labeling?

Time to stop fighting GMO labeling?

Why do people react so strongly against the idea of genetic modification? Especially genetic modification that crosses species barriers? In a recent New Yorker, Maria Konnikova returned to an explanation for these gut reactions that has been around at least since the early efforts at genetic engineering in the 1970s: The idea that fear and [...]..

September 2, 2013 — Tabitha M. Powledge

Looking at ART

Is it time to scrutinize assisted reproduction?

April 30, 2002 — Tabitha M. Powledge

Beating Abuse

Glutamate may hold a key to drug addiction

January 15, 2002 — Tabitha M. Powledge

Tobacco Pharming

A quest to turn the killer crop into a treatment for cancer

October 1, 2001 — Tabitha M. Powledge
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