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Why Was the Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion So Deadly?

The substance that killed up to 15 people, injured 180 and wrecked the buildings in a five-block radius is the same stuff that makes the beans and barley grow. But not all fertilizers are equally dangerous...

April 26, 2013 — Jillian Scharr and TechNewsDaily

How Lasers and Glue Help to Weld Tissue Ruptures

A new protein-based glue can act as a solder that lasers can heat up to patch holes in intestines, cartilage, blood vessels, livers, etcetera more effectively than conventional laser welding...

April 26, 2013 — Charles Q. Choi and TechNewsDaily

How Out-of-Office Replies Can Put Workers at Risk

Chain of command and other personal or company information in these greetings can be useful to people performing social-engineering attacks. Simply write that you'll be "unavailable"

April 11, 2013 — Linda Rosencrance and TechNewsDaily

The Truth behind the "Biggest Cyber Attack in History"

The disruptions, centered in western Europe, were largely unnoticed even when occurring. They may prompt a fix for a security flaw in the domain name system underpinning the Internet

March 27, 2013 — Paul Wagenseil and TechNewsDaily

How Self-Healing Microchips Recover

Caltech engineers have constructed a new kind of microchip that can learn to heal its own information pathways

March 12, 2013 — Marshall Honorof and TechNewsDaily

Software Revives Dead Tongues

A computer algorithm works almost as well as a trained linguist in reconstructing how dead "protolanguages" would have sounded

February 12, 2013 — Rachel Kaufman and TechNewsDaily

In The Hobbit, New Tech Mangles the Scenery

Director Peter Jackson, pioneer of computer-generated battle scene technology, uses high frame rates and 3-D effects, which lead to a few visual gaffes

December 14, 2012 — Sean Captain and TechNewsDaily

Why 3-D Printing Matters for "Made in U.S.A."

The federal government plans to increase funding to institutions researching 3-D printing, a technology the White House hopes will boost U.S. manufacturing

December 6, 2012 — Jeremy Hsu and TechNewsDaily

3-D Printable Gun Part Fails on Sixth Shot

An AR-15 assault rifle containing just one 3D printed part broke during resilience tests, impeding any early plans to build a working gun made entirely of printed material

December 5, 2012 — TechNewsDaily
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