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Stories by The Conversation

Nudity Found to Offer New Social Benefits

Study subjects who focus on a person’s body rather than his or her mind rank that person as more experienced and more sensitive to emotion and pain

December 4, 2013 — Gary W. Lewandowski Jr. and The Conversation

Life on Earth Was Not a Fluke

Figuring out how biomolecular self-organization happens may hold the key to understanding life on Earth formed and perhaps how it might form on other planets

October 24, 2013 — Andrew Bissette and The Conversation

Scoff Now, but You're Probably Getting a Smartwatch

Smartwatches are too small to be useful for serious web browsing, and phone calls will be made using "hands-free" equipment, but their visibility will make them desirable fashion accessories...

September 7, 2013 — Matthew Higgs and The Conversation
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