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Stories by Tim Beardsley

The A Team

Vitamin A and its cousins are potent regulators of cells

February 1, 1991 — Tim Beardsley

Trans Fat

Does margarine really lower cholesterol?

January 1, 1991 — Tim Beardsley

New Order

Artificial evolution creates proteins nature missed

October 1, 1990 — Tim Beardsley

Oravske Kuru

A human dementia raises the stakes in mad cow disease

August 1, 1990 — Tim Beardsley

Hubble's Legacy

The space telescope launches a new era in astronomy

June 1, 1990 — Tim Beardsley


New radiation-risk estimates prompt calls for tighter controls

March 1, 1990 — Tim Beardsley

Aborted Research

Ideology seems to have put some medical advances on hold

February 1, 1990 — Tim Beardsley
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