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Stories by Tim Beardsley

Waking Up

Finding a purpose for sleep has been as elusive as rest to an insomniac, but researchers are getting much closer

July 1, 1996 — Tim Beardsley

Testing, Testing

Unusual proteins could improve cancer diagnosis and reduce deaths

June 1, 1996 — Tim Beardsley

Science in the Sky

The International Space Station will be the most expensive object ever built. Although many scientists oppose the grandiose scheme, its political momentum now appears unstoppable

June 1, 1996 — Tim Beardsley

Advantage: Nature

Could escaped genes from bioengineered crops give weeds a crucial boost?

May 1, 1996 — Tim Beardsley

Out of Food?

Hominids, and cannibalistic ones at that, may have reached Europe almost a million years ago

April 1, 1996 — Tim Beardsley

Vital Data

The Human Genome Project is producing a plethora of information that will illuminate our hidden susceptibilities to disease. The effort could transform medical science. But new dangers are arriving, too...

March 1, 1996 — Tim Beardsley
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