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Stories by Tim Lahey

Now We Know How HIV Causes AIDS

New findings by researchers at the Gladstone Institute of Virology at the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) have upended how we understand the pathogenesis of the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)...

January 17, 2014 — Tim Lahey
HIV and the Global Sex Tally

HIV and the Global Sex Tally

Every year 2.5 million people are newly infected with HIV. This figure is simultaneously catastrophic and hard to understand, but the silver lining in that viral cloud is that we can use it to calculate how much sex people are having...

October 10, 2013 — Tim Lahey
The Dignity of a Porn Star

The Dignity of a Porn Star

Porn stars all across San Fernando were told to put their clothes back on and go home a couple of weeks ago on the news that a 29 year-old adult actress named Cameron Bay tested positive for HIV...

September 8, 2013 — Tim Lahey
Should We Abide by a Suicidal Patient’s Wishes?

Should We Abide by a Suicidal Patient’s Wishes?

It was standing room only in the small pink conference room on the first floor. Doctors, nurses, social workers, medical students and a physical therapist crowded in to meet with Sasha*...

August 22, 2013 — Tim Lahey

Replace the Med School Interview with fMRI: A Modest Proposal

A fashion faux pas almost prevented me from getting into my dream medical school. Midway through the interview there, the interviewer pointed to my left earlobe and said, “Do you really think we accept men who wear … those things?” I had no idea what he was talking about at first, but then remembered the [...]..

August 8, 2013 — Tim Lahey
Voiceless at the End of Life

Voiceless at the end of life

Doctors rushed an ill-fated motorcyclist with severe injuries to the head and chest to the ICU. Emergent CT scans revealed brain swelling so pronounced it was squeezing out of the skull plus multiple fractures of the bones of the face...

August 2, 2013 — Tim Lahey
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