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Stories by Tony Rothman

Look East, Young Man

When I happen to tune into a late-night talk show devoting its hour to the dismal state of American education, the experience is invariably dejá-vu all over again: With depressing regularity a district administrator bemoans test scores...

August 29, 2012 — Tony Rothman

Japanese Temple Geometry

During Japan's period of national seclusion (1639--1854), native mathematics thrived, as evidenced in sangaku- wooden tablets engraved with geometry problems hung under the roofs of shrines and temples...

May 1, 1998 — Tony Rothman

In Memoriam

The 300-foot radio telescope has collapsed

February 1, 1989 — Tony Rothman

Son of Rubber

Rubber doped with iodine becomes an electrical conductor

August 1, 1988 — Tony Rothman

The Short Life of Évariste Galois

Legend has it that the young mathematician wrote down group theory the night before he was fatally shot in a duel. More careful investigation shows that Galois's remarkable ideas took somewhat longer to mature...

April 1, 1982 — Tony Rothman
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