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Stories by William Epstein

A Critical Time for Nuclear Nonproliferation

This month the parties to the nuclear nonproliferation treaty meet again to debate how well the agreement is working. The continuing arms buildup by the nuclear powers puts the treaty's future in doubt...

August 1, 1985 — William Epstein

Nuclear-Free Zones

The failure of recent attempts to revitalize the Nonproliferation Treaty has led to renewed interest in regional multinational pacts as an alternative way of preventing the spread of nuclear weapons...

November 1, 1975 — William Epstein

The Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons

Unless the major nuclear powers begin to live up to their obligations under the Nonproliferation Treaty, it seems likely that a large number of near-nuclear countries will emulate India and join the "nuclear club"...

April 1, 1975 — William Epstein
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