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Special Report

Forecasting the Future of Cloud Computing

Scientific American examines cloud computing, a network-centric approach to delivering information and services

How Was Egypt's Internet Access Shut Off?

Preliminary investigations indicate that most of the country's ISPs cut Internet access within a 20-minute period, likely at the government's behest

January 28, 2011 — Larry Greenemeier

A Digital Life

New systems may allow people to record everything they see and hear--and even things they cannot sense--and to store all these data in a personal digital archive...

March 1, 2007 — Gordon Bell and Jim Gemmell

Re-thinking the Internet with security and mobility in mind

The middle-aged Internet (ARPANET first went live more than 40 years ago) could easily slide into complacency, but the National Science Foundation (NSF) might be staving this off with four multimillion-dollar grants that the agency has recently awarded...

August 31, 2010 — Larry Greenemeier
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