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Special Report

Future of Manufacturing

When we are unable to find what we need in nature, we make it. This in-depth report examines new technologies, materials and methods shaping the future of fabrication

Plastic Electronics Cease Stretching Credulity

An experimental electronic plastic's liquid-metal interior keeps electrical connections intact even after the plastic stretches to more than four times normal size. Larry Greenemeier reports...

July 6, 2012

3-D Printing Software Helps Designers Avoid Rookie Mistakes [Video]

It seems the future of 3-D printing is limited only by one's imagination. The process is already used to build—layer by layer—jewelry, toys and a variety of prosthetics, with some predicting that additive fabrication of space station spare parts and even food isn't far behind...

September 20, 2012 — Larry Greenemeier
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