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Special Report

The Future of Deep-Space Exploration

When humankind once again ventures out from Earth's neighborhood, where will we go? And how will we get there?

  • November 29, 2011

The 40th Anniversary of Apollo 11

Four decades after mankind's giant leap, a look at the harrowing first lunar landing, the Apollo missions that never flew, and how the historic event looked from the Soviet Union

July 17, 2009
Room for Debate: Where, If Anywhere, Is NASA Headed?

Room for Debate: Where, If Anywhere, Is NASA Headed?

Without a firm destination, will NASA's ambitions for a return to manned spaceflight beyond Earth orbit founder? Or, will scrapping the Constellation Program give the U.S. more options for human exploration of the moon, Mars and the asteroids?

March 19, 2010 — John Matson

Crew of 520-day mock Mars mission nears mock landing

After nearly eight months' journey in a small, enclosed craft, the crew of the Mars500 mission is nearing the turning point of its voyage—arrival and disembarking at the Red Planet.

January 27, 2011 — John Matson

Space For Both?--Human Vs. Robotic Space Missions

In this episode Cornell University astronomer Jim Bell talks about future space missions and why people need to be part of them. Bell is the leader of the team operating the color cameras on the Mars rovers, and the author of the book Postcards From Mars and of an opinion piece in the August issue of Scientific American on humans in space. Plus we'll test your knowledge of some recent science in the news. Websites mentioned in this episode include;

July 18, 2007 — Steve Mirsky

The 40th Anniversary of Apollo 8's Journey to the Moon

It was a first not only for NASA, but for humanity. As the world bore witness, a redesigned Apollo spacecraft, tested in space with a crew only once before, carried three astronauts to orbit the moon

December 22, 2008

NASA's New Rocket: Will Congress's Pet Project Fly?

Artist's conception of the SLS. Credit: NASA NASA's plans for human spaceflight, the subject of much hand-wringing since the curtains closed on the agency's space shuttle program in July, took a big step this week when the agency announced plans for a powerful new rocket to take astronauts into deep space.

September 15, 2011 — John Matson

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