Confronting a World Freshwater Crisis

As the global population grows--and freshwater supplies dwindle--ensuring that everyone has sufficient supplies of life-giving H2O has become an enormous challenge. Here's how to start.

Facing the Freshwater Crisis

As demand for freshwater soars, planetary supplies are becoming unpredictable. Existing technologies could avert a global water crisis, but they must be implemented soon


20 Questions: Freshwater

Test your knowledge about water and its use


Steve Ashley on the Coming Water Crisis

Scientific American editor Steve Ashley talks about the future of fresh water and the steps we can take to ensure that we all have potable water in the years ahead. Steve Mirsky reports


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      We drink it, we generate electricity with it, we soak our crops with it. And we're stretching our supplies to the breaking point. Will we have enough clean water to satisfy all the world's needs?

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