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Energy Secretary Talks Climate Challenge

A brief portion of the December 9 conversation during the climate talks in France between Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz and Scientific American ’s David Biello  ...

December 14, 2015 — David Biello and Steve Mirsky

Personalized Medicine: A Faustian Bargain?

Therapies tailored to an individual's particular genetic makeup could be highly effective—but they could also be too expensive for many of those whose DNA donations go into creating the treatments...

December 10, 2015 — Eleonore Pauwels and Jim Dratwa

The Truth about Fetal Tissue Research

The use of aborted fetal tissue has sparked controversy in the U.S., but many scientists say it is essential for studies of HIV, development and more

December 9, 2015 — Meredith Wadman and Nature magazine
Plight of the Long-Distance Flyers

Plight of the Long-Distance Flyers

Individual countries may protect migratory birds but the great length of their journeys are endangered

December 3, 2015 — Josh Fischman
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