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5 Signs of PTSD

How healing occurs and what you can do to offer support to someone with PTSD

January 14, 2017 — Savvy Psychologist Ellen Hendriksen

Birth Control and Depression: What You Need to Know

A new study suggests a link between hormonal contraceptives and depression.  Which methods were more likely to cause these mood changes? And what do you need to know before you make any decisions about your contraceptive health?

January 6, 2017 — House Call Doctor Sanaz Majd

Does Poverty Shape the Brain?

Growing up in a poor family can leave a mark on the developing brain. Understanding how and why has important implications for educators and society

January 1, 2017 — John D. E. Gabrieli and Silvia A. Bunge

The Anesthesia Dilemma

Researchers are trying to determine if chemicals used to knock out young children during surgery can have long-term repercussions on memory and development

June 30, 2015 — Dina Fine Maron


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