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Running bestows a broad range of health and fitness benefits, but those benefits are limited when you run the same way every single day. For instance, if you always run on a path, at the same speed, listening to your MP3 player, at the same time of day, on the same slope, in the same shoes, for the same distance...well, you are robbing yourself of some of the benefits you could be getting from all that valuable movement time.

There are many variables that affect the benefits your run can give you, and we rarely take the time to think about it. So, to help you spice up your running efforts and make sure that you reap the full rewards from each run workout, here are some ways to make your run workout more challenging and beneficial.

10 Tips to Enhance Your Run

  1. Vary Your Terrain
  2. Run Somewhere New
  3. Run In a Group
  4. Stop and Smell the Freakin’ Roses
  5. Wear Different Shoes
  6. Run Tech Free
  7. Try Multi-tasking
  8. Carry Something
  9. Vary Your Speed
  10. Run More Often

Let’s explore each tip in more detail.

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