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Stories by Get-Fit Guy Brock Armstrong

What Is Green Exercise?

Being outdoors can lower our levels of stress, our pulse rate, and even our blood pressure. But what happens when we exercise in a green space?

July 12, 2018 — Get-Fit Guy Brock Armstrong

The Best Way to Use Compression Gear

Tons of pro athletes are wearing compression gear and using compression machines to improve their performance. But do they really work?

May 19, 2018 — Get-Fit Guy Brock Armstrong

Body Fat: How to Use It and Lose It

A closer look at body fat: Where does it come from, why do we need it, what are the best ways to burn it off, and where the heck does it go?

March 17, 2018 — Get-Fit Guy Brock Armstrong

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No Wrapping Required

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