There are a million ways to procrastinate. Instead of doing our work, we might find ourselves practicing our favorite Fortnite danceshopping online for the perfect mullet wig, or scrolling through baby back rib recipes before remembering we’re vegetarian. Procrastination might even disguise itself as productivity, like cleaning our desk or making a healthy (yet perhaps unnecessarily elaborate) snack.

Procrastination is tricky to overcome because it involves a certain amount of self-deception. It makes us say, “I’ll do it later.” “I’m tired—I need to take a break.” “I got some stuff done—this is my reward.” “I have plenty of time.” 

On a deeper level, we know exactly what we’re doing, but trying to motivate ourlseves to do our taxes or write that term paper doesn’t stand a chance against the seemingly reasonable justifications procrastination loves to whisper in our ear.

But if procrastinating is getting you in trouble—you’re missing deadlines, irritating those around you, or just feeling guilty about wasting your time—the first step to addressing the situation is discerning what you get out of it. What type of procrastinator are you? This week, we’ll cover the three most common procrastination profiles, plus five ways to secede from the land of Procrasti-Nation. 

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