Listener Lou wrote in and asked, “How do I let go of guilt? I feel guilty about everything, even things I haven’t done!”

Lou notes that she was pretty horrible as a teenager and hasn’t been able to forgive herself for being so selfish and careless back then. She also worries that she’s equally awful now and just isn’t aware of it, all of which leads her to feel—you guessed it—guilty! This week, we’ll dive into 7 things Lou (and you!) can do to finally let go of the guilt.

7 Tips on Letting Go of Guilt

  • Remember the flip side of guilt.
  • Right any outstanding wrongs.
  • Challenge hindsight bias.
  • Challenge your assumptions of a lack of justification.
  • Challenge a sense of overresponsibility.
  • Challenge the thinking error of wrongdoing.
  • Get older.

Let’s explore each a little further. 

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