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Forget the idea that Elvis is still among us. It’s rock star scientist Albert Einstein who truly lives on. He may have died awhile ago (at least, that’s the story), but his likeness keeps popping up around the world. We’re celebrating the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s theory of general relativity by inviting readers to submit photos of “the man” in all kinds of places.

We’re looking for photos of Einstein dolls and bobble heads that may have been placed by certain people (you!) in curious or historic places, as well as pix of Einstein’s image already out there: a painting in a museum, figurine in a restaurant, mask in a Halloween shop, likeness on a magazine cover (not ours!), even Einstein graffiti on a building wall. Be on the lookout, be creative.

We've posted a few shots below to start the fun. Please send us photos showing Einstein's likeness in the world around you, as you found it or staged it. And feel free to suggest a fun caption. We will post a gallery of images next week. Thanks!

Einstein explores wave theory.
Albert lurks in the forest, scarred by the sight of unspeakable cosmic truths.