A growing number of the world’s people are being hit with drought, environmental disasters and rising food costs. What does that have to do with energy? Everything.  Energy, water and food are the world’s three most critical resources, but their interdependence is significantly underappreciated. Strains on one can cripple the others. The challenges need to be solved in an integrated manner. Clean, affordable energy, for example, enables an abundance of clean water, which enables greater food production. And so on.
This interdependence makes our society more fragile than we imagine, and we are not prepared for the potential disaster that is waiting for us.


Michael Webber will present a fast-paced, myth-busting and optimistic look at how America and the world can solve this enormous issue. You can see Michael's presentation live, tonight, from 8:00 to 9:15 p.m. EST right here, in the window above. Michael is deputy director of the University of Texas at Austin Energy Institute, co-director of the school's Clean Energy Incubator, and a member of Scientific American's advisory board. And he is an entertaining speaker. Come join the event! Alternatively, go here to watch the broadcast.