Joe writes: “I just came across some steaks in the freezer and parts of them look as if they’ve already been cooked. They were definitely raw when I put them in there! Is that what they call “freezer burn”? Are these steaks still safe to eat?”

Yup, it sounds like you’ve got some freezer-burned steaks on your hands, Joe. And yes, they’re still perfectly safe to eat—assuming, of course, that they were safe when you put them in the freezer and that you haven’t had any power outages that caused things to thaw.

But the parts that look cooked probably won’t taste very good once those steaks have been thawed and then cooked for real. I’d suggest thawing the steaks and cutting the burned parts away before cooking them.

But steaks don’t grow on trees. So, let’s be sure this doesn’t happen again.  


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