Mars and Mercury Star at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference

The annual Texas gathering of planetary scientists featured new research from across the solar system, as well as a good deal of anger directed at politicians looking to cut back on planetary exploration
Poster session at Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in The Woodlands, Texas


New Maps of Mercury Show Icy Looking Craters on the Solar System's Innermost Planet
A NASA spacecraft bolsters the case that ice lines the inside of polar craters on Mercury

Martian Water Stuck in Minerals
Significant amounts of water exist on Mars, sequestered within hydrated minerals and stored in the planet's crust

Mars Attacked: Planetary Scientists Vent Frustrations over Proposed Budget Cuts
The field is bristling at cutbacks, proposed last month by the Obama administration, to planetary science and especially to NASA’s program of robotic Mars explorers

Evidence for Flowing Water on Mars Grows Stronger
Liquid remains the leading explanation for newly discovered streaks on Martian slopes

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