Fish or cut bait. Put up or shut up. There’s even a certain saying regarding the bathroom. Whatever you call it, it’s the endless conundrum of choice that comes from that pesky thing called free will.

We make a million decisions a day, from what to eat for breakfast to what shoes to wear, but some choices can get a lot more complicated. For instance, a job that fills your bank account but drains your humanity one billable hour at a time: stay or go? A partner you adore but with whom you fight daily: stay or go?

For better or worse, what we truly want and what is best for us can be hard to tease out. Therefore, this week here are 6 tips for handling ambiguous situations that leave us wondering if we should stick it out, or get out.

Tip #1: Would you expect others to do the same? Loyalty, a sense of duty to a larger cause, or plain old fear of ruffling feathers can all complicate matters when we’re deciding whether to stay or go.


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