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Let me set the stage: it’s a sunny Summer day and you decide to go for an early morning jog. You down your coffee, slip on your running shoes, and head out the door. A few minutes later you are cruising along the trail, lost in your thoughts when an enthusiastic dog darts out toward you. You suddenly snap out of your daydream and dodge the happily bounding dog, but while doing so, you plant your foot in a less than optimum way and feel a pain that reminds you of that time you sprained (or strained?) your wrist playing hockey.

Later that day you stop in at the walk-in clinic to have a medical professional look at your slightly swollen and achy ankle. The doc says not to worry about it, it is just a strain (or was it a sprain?). Take it easy and you should be good to go after a few days rest and RICE. Phew!

The Difference Between a Strain and a Sprain

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