Editor’s Note (May 31, 2019): This article is being republished in advance of the June 1 official start to the annual Atlantic Ocean hurricane season.

If the planet’s climate keeps warming at current rates, by the end of this century Atlantic hurricane rainfall will be 24 percent higher than today. Maximum winds will be 6 percent stronger and the storms will move 9 percent slower, creating significantly more damage. Those are the findings from an international team of experts who modeled 22 hurricanes that hit between 2002 and 2013 and would take a similar track under the warmer conditions. Overall, the number of strong hurricanes occurring in any year would increase.

Credit: Amanda Montañez; Source: “Changes in Hurricanes from a 13-Year Convection-Permitting Pseudo-Global Warming Simulation,” by Ethan D. Gutmann et al., in Journal of Climate, Vol. 31; May 1, 2018