To follow up on the big response to the recent episode The Two Big Beliefs Linked to Depression, I thought we could fry another big fish this week with The Two Big Beliefs Linked to Anxiety.  

The two beliefs that follow aren’t necessarily conscious. Your brain probably doesn’t say these things overtly; instead, these two thoughts are more of an undercurrent. But like a riptide, it can be dangerous to swim in these waters. Here are the two beliefs that will pull you under.

Belief #1: "The worst-case scenario is sure to happen." You probably know someone who can find the silver lining in any bad event: someone dear to them dies and they are thankful the suffering has ended, or they get fired but relish the chance at a fresh start. You probably also know someone who will complain about anything: the beach was too sandy, the sangria too fruity. And finally, you probably also know (or are) someone who can think of the worst-case scenario in any situation. You have a headache? What if it’s a brain tumor?  There’s traffic? Your boss is sure to notice when you walk in late. You’re going to a resort in Cancun for a week? Don’t get ice in that sangria or you’ll be sick the whole time!


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